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Bad Take x ShieldX

Air Force 1

ShieldX is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Bad Take. Together, we’ve embarked on a journey to redefine style and innovation, and we’re proud to unveil the result of our collective vision – the custom BT x ShieldX Nike Air Force 1.

1 shoe, 3 colorways

With our color-changing feature accessible through a simple app, you can now personalize your sneaker’s look at your fingertips. Embrace versatility like never before, adapting your style to match your mood, outfit, or the moment.

ShieldX Heel Clip

In addition to its color-changing technology, we’ve introduced a stylish accessory that you can effortlessly clip to the heel of the shoe. With the innovative shoe clip, you have two incredible options to choose from.

The Booster – a marvel of technology that enhances your performance. Experience the thrill of running faster, pushing your limits, and achieving new heights with every stride.

The Wings – experience the exhilaration of flight, turning every step into a soaring adventure.