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Heleven x ShieldX

The Collaboration

This collaboration is a marriage of Heleven’s avant-garde design ethos and our dedication to pushing the boundaries of digital fashion. Get ready to experience the seamless blend of gym vibes and street flair in the metaverse.

Exodus Athletics

This fusion of worlds has given birth to two digital wearables inspired by the dynamic synergy of gym outfits and streetwear — introducing the Exodus Athletics Muscle Top and Oversized T-Shirt.

About The Set

Muscle Top for Men: Every pixel is meticulously crafted, making it not just an outfit but a statement. Step into the metaverse with confidence, where fitness meets fashion in a pixelated dance of style.

Oversized T-Shirt for Women: Elevate your digital wardrobe with our avant-garde Oversized T-Shirt, a symphony of gym-inspired vibes and streetwear allure.