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Evita x ShieldX x CLXRB

The Collaboration

EVITA has entered an exclusive partnership with ShieldX and CLXRB to develop its line of high tech wearables and accessories used to train their internal experiments. The collaboration will infuse the cutting edge designs of ShieldX with the innovative technology from EVITA to craft the products of the future.

Enter The Lab

Access the collection that will be a gateway into new digital realities. Be a part of the narrative while utilizing new developments that put creation and storytelling into your own hands. Download the full set now.

About The Set

Stringer Vest: The lightweight and breathable design of this tank top allows for unrestricted movement, making it the ideal choice for rigorous training and simulations.

Shorts: With a relaxed fit and attention to detail, our shorts are equally suited for both recovery and active pursuits.


The Recalibration Spectacles

Crafted with precision and innovation, the REC-SPECS are more than an accessory — they are a tool to elevate performance through assistive augmented reality and advanced virtual simulations. Style won’t be your only enhancement. This optic accessory promises to blur the boundary on what is reality.


Assisted Optics: Smart overlays and AI driven feedback while maintaining crystal-clear vision in any conditions.

Lightweight Comfort: Designed with an experimental ultra lightweight alloy. The wearer will never notice it’s even there.

Activity-Ready Durability: Built to withstand any environment. Equipped with a remote lock headband mechanism to ensure that they always remain on.