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PERK 1 | 3D Model

Animus Chamber

Meet your newest ally in safeguarding the future for your incubating Animus. The Animus Chamber is more than a machine; it’s a devoted protector.

Equipped with advanced AI, it adapts to potential threats, crafting an impenetrable shield around the incubating egg.  Powered by state-of-the-art robotics, your six-legged friend gurantees optimal protection and nurturing for the precious life within.

PERK 2 | XR Software

Augmented Reality

Recalibration Spectacles come pre-loaded with the latest augmented reality software from the EVITA research facility. Each token will allow its owner to re-access EVITA for IOS (1.1.1) with one of their Clone X avatars.

In the future, REC-SPECS will grant exclusive optional access to new AR experiences and tools that leverage Clone 2.0 models and hardware such as the Apple Vision Pro.

PERK 3 | Sounds Library


Welcome to

The Sound Lab

Here you will find a constantly updating and evolving sound data base compiled of songs, ambiences and sounds to suit your needs, the Shield X headphones will be your vessel to access these for whatever mood you deem fit.

PERK 4 | Exclusive Wearable

REC-SPECS Muscle Top

Redefines the Boundaries of

Digital Activewear

Crafted with the same precision and style as our eyewear, this muscle top tee is the perfect fusion of fashion and functionality.

Designed for those who demand more from their apparel, the Recalibration Muscle Top offers unparalleled comfort and performance. Whether you’re hitting the gym or making a statement on the streets, this tee is your ultimate companion.